Rental Information

Rental Information

Rental services vary in every part of the country.  In our effective market area, not all real estate agents will participate in rental assistance.  If you are unsure if you will be renting or buying, let your Coldwell Banker Hearthside Relocation Manager know this up front. The Relocation Manager will be your first point of contact and will be assisting with agent selection.  The scope of rental services will vary depending on whether or not your move is company sponsored. Company sponsored indicates your employer will be providing a fee for the services rendered.  Typically a per diem with a cap on the number of days and/or a set dollar amount is authorized. Payment is either by a direct bill to a third party provider or a by lump sum paid to you, and you in turn will be invoiced as an employee-sponsored service.  Most companies authorize one full-day tour limit for transferees.  The rental touring time can be broken up over several days if needed depending on the availability and access to the premises for consideration.  The employee-sponsored services are more comprehensive then the non sponsored services. 

Employee-Sponsored Rental Services: Rental assistance includes and is not limited to identifying all appropriate properties that would be suitable with your rental requirements.  The rental agent will not rely solely on MLS data but will utilize all potential resources:  newspapers, apartment complexes, rental websites, rental magazines, Craigs List, etc. to help you locate the best available place.  They will further assist with your rental application, lease preparation, special clauses interpretation, negotiations, and any resources you might need for moving assistance.

Non Sponsored - No Fee Rental Services: An agent's compensation is typically limited to the fee offered by the landlord through their agency in the multiple listing service.  Our brokerage company carries an errors and omissions insurance policy, and this policy dictates the brokerage company must be paid a fee for their services to cover any liabilities.   Therefore the rental pool for consideration would be limited to identifying all appropriate properties that would be suitable within your rental requirements available through the multiple listing service and/or any other venue where a compensation is offered to the brokerage company.  Should the agent assist you with the property you can expect them to provide guidance with the application process, answer any questions you might have about the lease and be a resource for any moving assistance you might need.

Rental Availability: Rental complexes typically know 60-90 days in advance on the availability of future occupancy.  Private apartments and houses are closer to 45 days or less.  This is important to know so you can plan your rental hunting trip closer to your desired occupancy dates.

Pets:  Unfortunately many landlords have a no-pet policy.  For dogs we often see restrictions on breeds, sizes and/or weight restrictions.  It is important to disclose any live animals, reptiles etc., that are non negotiable members of your family so your time is not wasted seeing property that will not fit your requirements.  If your rental would involve a pet, it would be beneficial to have a letter of reference.  Expect to pay a pet deposit in addition to the one-month security deposit.

Credit Reports:  Since a credit report will be required with a rental application, it would be beneficial to have your own credit report from any of the major credit-reporting agencies on hand to submit with your application(s), this will limit the inquiries into your personal credit.

Short term vs. long term: Anything less than a year is considered short term. Furnished rentals are more likely offered short term. The availability of short-term rentals varies with supply and demand.  See the local real estate climate page for the counties in which you are interested to view a snapshot of current market conditions. 

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